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Sector : Energy, Power and Electrical,Engineering, Infrastructure and construction

450 Mw Combined Cycle Power Plant At Port Qasim Karachi
Estimated Cost: [Estimated Cost]
Ref No : 443843475 Deadline :03 Jun 2019

Sector :Engineering

Execution Of Design Services
Estimated Cost: PLN 221111
Ref No : 445533974 Deadline :23 Jul 2019

Sector :Engineering

Subsurface Project To Schedule The Settlements Of Qasr-qamshah And Anjireh And The Area
Estimated Cost: IRR 5
Ref No : 445533348 Deadline :21 Jul 2019

Sector :Software Services

Supply Of Support U-110-2 + 5ots For The Needs Of The Branch Of Idgc Of Volga, Pjsc - Ulyanovsk Rs
Estimated Cost: RUB 1.08 Million
Ref No : 445533336 Deadline :23 Jul 2019

Sector :Agriculture, Food and Beverages ,Machinery and Equipments(M&E),Water and Sanitation

Providing Aeration And Injecting Fertilizer With Bullift Machine
Estimated Cost: IRR 7705.13 Million
Ref No : 445532883 Deadline :20 Jul 2019

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Construction Of A Channel For Collecting And Discharging Surface Water Of The Noghan Streets Of Saman Region
Estimated Cost: IRR 7021.42 Million
Ref No : 445532881 Deadline :28 Jul 2019


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